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Written by
István Lakatos 

István Lakatos will become an author after his fifth novel, having written four so far. Although he primarily writes children's and young adult novels, he enjoys mixing them with the most exciting elements of horror and classic pulp fiction. His first novel, Dobozváros, published in 2010, won the Children's Book of the Year award, and his second, Óraverzum, set in a mechanical solar system, became the Youth Book of the Year in 2014. 


In addition to writing, he also draws: he has illustrated several books and drawn comics. His most popular comic character is Lencsilány, but in addition to original stories, he has also created adaptations based on the works of Géza Csáth, Edgar Allan Poe, and István Kemény. 


He has won three Alfabéta Awards and the prestigious Műút Comic Award in 2014. Edgelands is the first comic story he has written that he did not draw himself, and he particularly enjoys being able to unleash his imagination without having to hunch over the table for hours on end.


Péter Kovács

Originally graduated as an architect, Péter Kovács has been working actively as an illustrator since 2007. 


He has illustrated books on history, science, and nature, written and drawn comic books (winning the Alfabéta Award in 2008), and created storyboards. He has designed album and book covers (for works by Brandon Sanderson, Orson Scott Card, Peter F. Hamilton, Stephen Baxter, Robin Hobb, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, David Gammel, and Piers Anthony), drawn board games (such as Champion of the Empire) and card games (Dawn of the Ancients, M.A.G.U.S.). 


He has participated in the development of dozens of computer games as a concept artist and creator of in-game illustrations (Vagrus, Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness).


English translation
Balázs Farkas

Balázs Farkas, a writer, was born in Zalaegerszeg in 1987 and has been publishing literary texts

since 2006. His first standalone volume, Nyolcasok, which won an award in the 2012 manuscript competition of the Association of Young Writers, was published in 2013, and his most recent, the eighth, in 2022. In 2015, he received the Móricz Zsigmond Scholarship.


Currently living in Budapest, he works for the Hungarian-owned game development company NeocoreGames. His short stories and prose works have been published in various journals, including Élet és Irodalom, Hévíz, Pannon Tükör, Napút, Székelyföld, FÉLonline, Black Aether, and ÚjNautilus. 


Since 2018, his works have been featured three times in the GABO anthology titled "The Year's Hungarian Science Fiction and Fantasy Novellas," which showcases the best creators in the genres and is published annually. He also regularly writes essays and reviews for various online and print magazines.


Editor, Publisher
Stephanie Anderson

From constantly renewing her library loan of Watchmen as a teen to choosing contemporary graphic novels as her undergraduate area of study, Steph has always loved the form’s unique combination of art and literature. 


With well over a decade of editing essays, novels, short stories, and poetry, Steph’s skills were put to the test when she received an offer to edit the English translation of Edgelands. This came during a strange crossover time in which she was finishing her Master's in creative writing and beginning her study of Hungarian. 


Not only was this job a perfect fit for her years of editing experience, but it also helped her with her Hungarian homework. In addition to her editing work, Steph is also a writer. She mainly writes for fun, but has published two short games ‘What have you done?’ and ‘A Walk in the Woods’.


In 2023, Steph channeled her passion for the unusual and macabre into founding Silent Regent, a publishing company with a distinct focus on weird fantasy and horror. 

Creative Consultant
Gyula Németh

Gyula Németh is a graphic artist, illustrator, and comic book artist. He began drawing comics at the age of 36, having worked as a graphic designer until then. 

In 2020, two of his longer comics were published in America, both written by Steve Niles: Criminal Macabre: The Big Bleed Out (Dark Horse Comics) and The Possessed (Clover Press Comics). 

Additionally, his dream project, a lavishly illustrated edition of H.G. Wells' classic The Island of Dr. Moreau, was published by Cser Kiadó after several years of work.


Cseperke Papp

Cseperke Papp is geek from another century, with many connections to Hungarian fantasy and science fiction veterans. After the adventure of opening an rpg store she worked in game localization and marketing graphic design, then she became a freelancer graphic designer with experience in games,  marketing images, logo, web and UI design. She also studied film making and worked as a production assistant and graphic designer in several film projects.

Co-Writer, Publisher, Webdesign
János Péter Szegedi

János Péter Szegedi is a veteran game developer who began his career as a 3D artist in 2005, creating models for games such as Panzers Phase Two and Rush for the Bomb.


In 2009, he founded his own indie game studio called Extropia Games, where he served as a producer and creative director overseeing the development of Bela Kovacs and the Trail of Blood. 


In 2013, he worked at NeocoreGames as a voice director and voice producer on titles such as The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing and the Warhammer 40000 Inquisitor series. 


Since 2021, he has been working at Supermassive Games and is currently involved in the production of the game The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR.


We are a small team of graphic novel creators, and currently, we are funding the project from our own pocket. If you like our content, please consider supporting us on Patreon.


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